We are a friendly congregation of Christians who are growing in faith. We welcome all who come to our doors. Come and feel the love and welcome we provide.

Whatever the need is we know that it will be met. Our God is a great big God, and He holds us in His hands. He has never let us down yet.

So what can you expect from a visit to St Thomas' Church then? The main thing the church offers is a place of peace for everyone to have their own encounter with our living God. During the week the church is open for those who wish to call in during the hours 10 am to 5 pm. We find people who visit our churchyard often call in the church. It is a lovely oasis of calm in an every more noisy and complex world. You can sit in peace and enjoy this sacred space in the busy world in which we live.

So will you ask me to do something? We know that some churches sign you up for the coffee rota or for flower arranging almost as you enter the gate. But we are much more relaxed here in Mow Cop. We are passionate about people meeting with God and finding their own spiritual journey with Jesus. You might be asked if you would like to attend our mid-week house-group which meets twice a month, where we have much good company, discussion and thinking about the Bible message to humanity...normally accompanied with much laughter as well.

Will I feel out of place? No, is the simple answer. North Staffordshire folk are well known for their warmth and friendly approach to life. We are a very inclusive church with people from all walks of life and any ethnicity.